Our Incinerators have a spiral flame action that increases burn retention for a clean and thorough burn. A life expectancy of over 5,000 hours of burn-time, more than double the life of conventional units. Low outside shell temperatures. Auto ignition eliminates lighting pilot. Operator fill incinerator, sets timer and walks away. Constructed of 3/8" - 1/2" reinforced steel for extended life of incinerator. The incinerator is available in seven models to meet your animal disposal needs. The models are available in two styles: line or unlined.

Model 34, 36 and 37-1 Single Door - These single door units are widely used by the pork, poultry and veterinary industries. Measuring 4' x 30" our Model 34 will handle up to a 200 Lb. load. Our Model 36 measures 6' x 30" and holds up to 400 Lbs. Model 37-1 measures 7' x 30" and holds up to a 500 Lb. load. All three models feature a 28" x 19" top loading single door.

Model 30-2 and 37-2 - For large producers, we offer our Model 30-2 and 37-2. Model 30-2 measures 6' x 30" in diameter and holds up to a 400 Lb. load. Model 37-2 measure 7' x 30" in diameter and holds up to a 500 Lb. load. Both models feature a 48" x 23" top load opening.

Model 367 - For larger producers. Model 367 holds up to a 700 Lb. load. Model 367-1 features one 28" x 19" door. The 367-2 has two doors and a 52" x 23" top load opening.

Model 428 - For even larger producers. Model 426 which holds up to 1200 Lbs. Model 428 features one door measuring 66" x 32" with winch, top load opening.


Afterburners - Direct fire afterburners are available for all models. Constructed of 1/4" steel and a special insulation for heat retention, the afterburner measures 4' x 20" and weighs 375 lbs.

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