Super Apollo "L"

Superapollo L is the only machine in the world able to make a frontal loading.

It is possible thanks to a gathering width of 6 meters that allows a steady and continuative loading, without the assistance of people for the loading phase. It exploits a totally automatic system both running and stopped. The machine doesn't need people during the gathering phase. The gathering quantity can vary between 14 and 26 tons per hour, according to the kind of cages.

The belts for the loading are divided in blocks of 1.5 meters. It allows the SAL to adapt itself to the undulated and irregular surfaces that usually distinguish the bedstead. The system makes the chicken gathering impeccable. The SAL structure is made of stainless steel and it is hot-galvanized. The makes the machine excellent and indistructible.

The caging phase is very easy and can be made by only 2 operators. The first operator opens and closes the draws, the second one with the help of the start button on the belt sets in motion the mechanism that will stop it automatically once reached the fixed weight. The time necessary to load every drawer can very between 2 and 6 seconds depending on the kind of cages used.

The tunnel is completely made of stainless steel. It allows with the help of a conveyor belt equipped with soft fingers, a steady transport of poultry without the chicken turning over. Above all there is a perfect distribution also at high density so the animals don't come back in the tunnel. These results permit a big quantity of gathered animals without damages and also with a perfect distribution in the caging phase.

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