Chain Feeders

Both the direct and belt drive Chain Feeder Systems represent the classic, proven technique for even, low-stress distribution of feed providing equal access of feed to all birds and assuring uniform development. With the full range of grill patterns, trough designs and connections, and suspension and hopper options, the Chain Feeder systems can be specifically configured to meet the particular needs of the individual grower and house layout. This is available in a system that incorporates all the proven operational advantages of chain feeding with dependability and durability you can count on. We also offer three types of weighing systems to serve the Chain Feeder System. Choose from a 6' (1.83m) tank scale with a 5000 pound (2268 kg) capacity or a complete load cell package for out-of-house weighing of feed. For in-house weighing, a platform scale is available with either 1800 pound (816 kg) or 4000 pound (1814 kg) capacity hoppers and is also used as an intermediate weigh-station in some applications. Also for in-house weighing, we offer a 650 pound (295 kg) hopper scale.


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