The only medicator specially designed for tank feed or gravity feet water systems.
The A15-2.5 is installed in-line. Water flow drives the primary piston up and down which pulls a secondary piston. This action accurately injects solution, through a built in mixing chamber to the outlet of the medicator. This volumetric operation assures that the proportion will remain constant. Variations in water pressure will not affect the accuracy of proportioning.

Operate Pressure: Max 85 psi 6.0 bar
  Min 4.0 psi 0.27 bar
Hydrostatic test: 350 psi 23 bar
Maximum Temp: 100 Deg F 38 Deg C
Flow Rates: Max 15 gpm 3.4m3/hr
  Min 2.4 gph 0.15 lpm


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